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Crashing the Sausage Party

Cosplay-wearing trivia junkies Nicole DeLoach and Morgan Pratt met while playing trivia in 2011. “My ex-boyfriend was hosting it at the time—he’s long gone, but we’re still together,” DeLoach says. The quick-witted duo, who have a habit of finishing each other’s sentences, bust up laughing.“I remember being like, ‘OMG, I’m having so much fun; this is like school but with alcohol,'” Pratt says. “Why aren’t we doing this?”Their friendship and mutual addiction inspired the girls to start their own trivia outfit, Kiss Kiss Bangs Bangs, last year, and now they dominate Costa Mesa, with events at Hi-Time Wine Cellars, Pie Society, Barley Forge Brewing, Costa Mesa 55 Tavern & Bowl, and more.They’re also eliminating the nerd-bro stigma associated with quiz games. “We employ almost all women,” DeLoach says. “There didn’t use to be a lot of female hosts; it’s a lot more women-friendly now.”Kiss Kiss Bangs Bangs events follow a format based on how DeLoach and Pratt like to play. Most games feature a host reading a lot of questions, with the audience writing down answers and handing them in after a round. “We wanted ours to be fun, cool and relaxed, so you get the paper and do it on your own time,” says Pratt. “We tell you how much time you have; you finish it up and turn it in. It’s a social event. You’re not here to take the SATs, so we wanted it to be that you can play trivia, eat, drink and still talk to your friends.”

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