About Us

We started as two pop culture junkies who liked to drink and play trivia; now we’re two pop culture junkies who like to drink and have our own trivia company!  We’ve both been trivia players for quite some time now and are constantly trying new things to make ours fun and exciting.  In other words, we try to write trivia that we would want to play!  We always take suggestions, so if you have some awesome ideas or questions you think we need to use, please feel free to give us your knowledge!  
And maybe a shot of tequila…or two.

Our goal is to have a mix of different topics that no one person would know, so forming your own trivia team is ideal.  However, there is no minimum or maximum that can be on a team.  

We will test your skills on anything from movie quotes, to sports, to name that tune, to crazy celebrity baby names, so be ready for the unexpected!

In our spare time we are pretty into the cosplay scene, so don’t be surprised if we show up to trivia as your favorite Disney villain or the twins from The Shining.We appreciate your feedback and suggestions.